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Everyone has different approaches and priorities when it comes to planning a trip. The team of Porto Bike Tours are specialists in several areas, allowing us to cover all the travel demands of our clients. It does not matter if you are planning a future trip for work or leisure: with us the whole process of booking is much easier and enjoyable. email us and start traveling.

Porto and the North of Portugal hold incredible historic centres, with an array of centurial monuments and sightseeing attractions, possible to explore by hoping on a bicycle and cycle along these breathtaking regions. A few of them are highlighted, such as Porto and Douro (Port wine and exquisite gastronomy), and much more. Those who wish to take Porto tours, you can browse between bike tours in this historic city or check our day tours. Embark on our bike tours and see with your own eyes why Porto was classified as World Heritage by UNESCO (1996) and Cultural Capital of Tourism (2001).

It is true that the bike has been a true means of transportation for cycling in European cities. Urban cities, such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt and Berlin, the bicycle concept has increasingly entered in the personal life of everyone and being used for efforts beyond leisure and fun. Specifically in Porto, a medieval city, a city that is being developed for bicycle tours, the integration of urban bike pathways, along with the strong focus on the growth of bike paths, has shown feasible and satisfaction of the final consumers. Although a large city with a historic center of steep slope, its use is increasingly sought and requested. If you feel determined and staying in Porto isn’t enough, pick up one of our cycling holidays at Top Bike tours Portugal.

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Important note: We do not rent bicycles for long distances

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What People Are Saying

An enjoyable bike ride of Porto and the nearby seaside

"When I mentioned that I was going to be doing a bike tour in Porto, the locals thought I was crazy. After all, the city has many hills and steep inclines along the riverbank, so I was a little apprehensive about booking this tour. I am now happy to say that I'm glad I did - it was great and not too exhausting. You don't have to be a professional cyclist to enjoy this tour; as long as you have ridden a bike with gears and feel up for a light workout (the same you would get from walking many of Porto's hills), you will be fine.

Our guide, Marta, started the tour by getting us comfortable with our bikes and providing some local knowledge on the city's history and customs. We then rode down to the river bank and made our way out to the seaside. After stopping at a cafe for a quick break, we made our way back along the longest avenue in the city.

The bikes were 21-speed mountain bikes in good condition and our guide was equipped to deal with any issues e.g. flat tyres, chains, and gears. I found the route we took was easy for everyone; we avoided steep hills and instead took a long way around the city so that about a third was downhill, a third was flat along the seaside, and the final third was a gradual climb to the end of the tour. By the end, it was a little bit of a workout to get the blood pumping, but not enough to completely exhaust you"

Nick, Portugal,

Great Sunday morning ride

"The route was quite easy to ride with no up and down hills. Most part of the route is done on bike lanes along the river until the beach which made me feel more secure. The guide was extremely handy, always available to explain some historic details of some interesting points that we were finding along the route.
I definitely recommend this sightseeing Bike Tour, It's a different way to explore and know the city"

Navigate, Portugal,
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